The story of a photographer

I find joy in capturing people's special days and also the day to day moments. It’s easy document a wedding with images, it’s something much more to do seize it in a meaningful way.

There's nothing that makes me happier than capturing memories that are going to last forever.

Taking pictures is a good way, in my opinion, to express oneself. As we say : « une image vos mille mots»

I love gathering different type of people and spending time meeting new people. When I'm not planning a photoshoot or working on a new project, you will find me in a coffee shop in Montreal catching up with a friend or cooking a new North African recipe.


alissar & david

“Merci a Yasmine pour son travaille professionnel et exceptionnel ! Pas toute photographe peux mettre un couple aussi confortable et nous donner autant confiance je choisirais yasmine event encore et encore pour tout événement. Vraiment une belle expérience et nouvelle amitié, milles merci ! 🤍”

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